Is There Not A Cause?

Is There Not A Cause?
And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause. 1 Samuel 17:29Is there not a cause

People may not understand your Cause!
– The reason why you do things
– The reason why you don’t give up
– The reasons why you speak up when everyone is silent
– The reasons why some things bother you and not others
– The reason you act they way you do
– The reason why you talk the way you do

This scripture depicts young David before his battle with Goliath. David talked to the soldiers inquiring about the giant Goliath. David’s brother Eliab, got upset with David and felt that maybe he was talking too much and asking too many questions and scolded David in front of everyone. From the scripture David must have been thinking, what in the world have I done now. After all he was only saying that they were Israelites and have the promise of the living God which states that no man can defeat them. David wondered why all the soldiers including his brother Eliab was so afraid to fight this uncircumcised Philistine. But David had a CAUSE.
David knew that the Living God was with him and that God would give him the victory. David’s CAUSE was bigger than what people thought about him, even what family thought about him. The bible goes on to say David did not stop talking to the scarred soldiers about the situation but he continued and took action.

Sometimes when God gives us a CAUSE (Purpose, assignment, ministry, etc) we must carry it out no matter, what people say or think. What really matters is what God’s Word says about the situation. David knew the soldiers where acting contrary to God’s Word. God’s word stated that no man would be able to stand against them. (Deut.11:25)

What has God given you to do? Is there not a CAUSE? Is there something you need to speak up about, is there a promise from God to stand on? Do you have a Giant to defeat in your life?

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