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Our mission is to provide everyone the chance to experience dance on a nourishing, empowering, and inspiring level.

Our Goals
– To provide a high quality, well rounded, dance education
– To provide access for performing arts
– Expressively create works to motivate, inspire, and empower 
– Collaborate with other performing artists and organizations

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theJourney toAfrica Dance MovementLive Production & Street Festival

Journey To Africa Live Dance Production is a culturally rich expression of African Influences on culture portrayed artistically through dance from a contemporary modernist perspective.

The Live Production was first performed in 2010. The show was reimagined and presented to audiences 10 years later. J2A is now embarking on the 6th year of production.

Journey to Africa Cultural Arts Streets Festival started on July 8th, 2023.  The festival celebrated the 5th year of J2A Live Dance Production’s impact on the community. With over 60 local/regional vendors and 800-1000 participants the very 1st festival was a major success.

journey to africa